Growth Makers is a business development firm that focuses on small business. We want to help the small to medium sized businesses compete with the big guys by leveling the playing field. We do this by offering solutions that are focused on 21 century business development strategies using sales and marketing technologies. In today’s marketplace you must understand your buyers because they shop much differently today than they did just 5 years ago.

Growth Makers was started by Dale Berkebile. Dale owns Brandwise, a design/branding/inbound marketing firm and started it in April of ’99. In this time he realized that it didn’t matter how good the design, marketing and lead generation tools were if the sales team was ineffective or had no buy in to work the leads we generate.

This is where Growth Makers comes in.

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Growth Makers needs to make sure your sales team:

  • understands their weaknesses and is working on improving them
  • has a step-by-step sales process in place that is easy to follow and learn
  • understands exactly where they are in the sales process at any given time
  • knows how to prospect using linkedin & social media tools
  • can generate & handle leads that come from marketing
  • is willing to be part of the content development (blogging) team