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Do you want sales growth for 2013? How are you going to get it?

Are you hoping 2013 sales growth just happens or are you doing something to make it happen?

It’s that time of the year again. You know the time when people start looking back over the last 11 months and decide if they are happy with where they are at or if they want to make changes to improve 2013. So often people even non-business people make goals or “new years resolutions”.

45% of Americans set new years resolutions, but only 8% actually accomplish their resolutions. So where do businesses stand? This data was a little harder to find. I would bet however the numbers are not too much different even though these people may be more “driven” than the average person. I’d bet many companies are setting goals, but I’d bet they fizzle out and drop the goal because they get caught up with the day-to-day fires or projects, emails and phone calls or whatever.

I’m no different. 2011 was the best year I ever had for business, this year was an average year. Ok yes, I tried many different things over the past 18 months as I am working on growing my business. Failure is part of the mix. As a matter of fact FAILURE is what helps you get to success. I have heard many people like Zig Ziglar, Jeff Olson and others say you want to reach success? Then start failing twice as much. Is this true? Are most people willing to take these kinds of risks and double their failure? Not usually. As a matter of fact many people have a need for approval so they are unwilling to look like a failure to their spouse, their boss, the coworkers or their friends.

Or maybe they have a real issue with rejection. This is often one of the issues holding back the sales team. Right before Thanksgiving, I started listening to the Slight Edge again (I’ve listened to these cds many times in the past). Towards the end of this book/CD it talks about dreams. It tells you to write down your 5 top dreams. So I grabbed a pad and started writing. I’d recommend you do the same. Now this doesn’t have to be sales goals for 2013, but could include them. It is more important for you to define what your dreams are and then review how your sales goals fit in with your personal dreams.

So I stopped the CD and wrote them down. Then as I started the CDs again, Jeff talked about the next step. Really define each dream so that if someone found this notepad, they would know exactly what you were shooting for and what things where included in getting you there. So for example if you put something like become financially secure this could include getting out of debt, paying the house off, getting a 10% raise or 20% more business, etc.

Then once you do this with each one of your dreams, define when you will meet these goals or have these dreams. So put a date to them. I went through this process and defined my personal dreams, add supporting items on how I’ll reach the dreams and put a time for each item. The next step though and this might not be something Jeff talks about in The Slight Edge book/cd, but the next step is share it with someone. As a matter of fact if they are personal dreams, ask your spouse/partner what their top 5 dreams are, if these are business dreams/goals, ask your boss, sales manager or employees their top 5 dreams/goals. Then see how close you are.

When I did this with my wife, we hit 3 out of 5 dreams that were the exact same. Wow! I was really surprised, however this speaks volumes for being on the same page. My wife and I will most likely hit those top 3 dreams because we are both working towards the same goals. This might be a good way to get the company on the same page and keeping C level people, business owners, sales and marketing teams and all employees for that matter working towards the same goals. If you are not all working towards the sames goals, you either need to realign or let those people go.

So what are you doing to plan for 2013 sales growth? Do you think you will hit your 2013 sales growth goals or will they fall to the wayside just like typical American New Years Resolutions? What are you doing to guarantee you hit these growth goals? Are you launching a new sales effort, hiring new sales people, doing more marketing? Maybe you just need to get your goals and dreams aligned. Maybe you just need to have the whole sales team using the same process and trained to do this time and time again. What if this could deliver a 20% increase in growth would it be worth it? You bet it would.

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