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When I first started my business 14+ years ago, I had no interest in becoming a salesperson. Then after a few years in, I realized I WAS A SALESPERSON whether I liked it or not. I was selling “ME” all day long. You either liked me and bought in or you didn’t.

Then I was struck by something as I started excepting this fact of BEING a sales guy. As I reviewed my performance I realized I sucked as a sales person. On some level, I was ok with this because I never considered myself to be a salesperson. I knew I could be doing better however, so I looked for help and hired a sales training company, got a sales assessment done and then worked on setting up a sales system to improve my results consistently.

Now if sales is your thing and you’ve been doing it for a long time, you may have even reached a certain level of success, so does this make you a master? Is there room for improvement even from a guy that never wanted to be in sales? Yes and here’s why. I am not going to give you things to do just for the sake of doing them. I’m going to first do an assessment (we use one of the sales industry’s top assessment tool used on several hundred thousand sales people).

Now when I talk to sales people about doing an assessment they usually have little interest. This may partly be due to the fact, that they do not want to know or want their boss’ to know what their true problems and hidden problems are. These are items like… headtrash that undermine the sales call or meeting because you have issues with talking about money (for example).

I took on the assessment myself, but I did have some serious issues with a few of the findings. Things like Need For Approval or Unsupportive Buy Cycle. So does pride get in the way of success? It certainly could especially if you do not look deep to see if these are real issues you have when it comes to selling. I had to dig deep and after serious review I did find some issues I had, that I would have bet my life against of having. So the problem then is, how do we fix these issues? Well, that is for another article, let’s focus on pride.

The reason I wrote this article was because many salespeople I talk to also have this pride I once had. They reached a certain level of success and so they are pretty happy with themselves. The point is this… if you are too proud to look for problem areas in yourself, your organization or your sales process then we wish you the best of luck. However if you think you have the ability to be better, then a third party assessment is very important. Being able to look at your strengths and weaknesses and then actually work on the problem area(s) is what makes or breaks the level of success you can reach.

If you are reading this article and on this site I’m guessing you are open to new ideas, for that I congratulate you. This is the first step to reaching and exceeding your dreams. With that we suggest you subscribe to this blog or reach out to us and have a quick conversation to see if there may be areas we can help you improve.