Sales Assessments

Do you have the right salespeople? Do you know how to wire the right salespeople? If you don't know, you need to use sales assessments for hiring and assessing current salespeople!

Do you have the RIGHT sales team?

This is the question every business must answer. As Jim Collins, author of the business best-seller “Good To Great” says, “If you want to be a good-to-great company, you have to first put the right people on the bus, get the wrong people off the bus and get the right people into the right seats.  Then you can drive the bus anywhere.”

If you have been around the block a few times you have probably hired sales people who were good at selling you on hiring them, but not so good at actually selling your products/services. Often times companies waste tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars hiring and training the wrong sales people.

What is the alternative you may be asking yourself?

Well, it is Sales Assessments.

When we work with growth oriented companies we look at your people, strategies and systems and can tell you whether your people can actually execute the company’s strategies, meet your expectations and belong in the roles they are in. You’ll learn which of your existing salespeople could be performing two, three or even four times better. You’ll discover what you must do in order to help those people achieve their potential. You’ll understand which of your people won’t ever perform any better than they do right now and why. We analyze your pipeline for quality and quantity and report on the effectiveness of sales management. Where do you want to go?

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